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The Case for a National Assessment on Landmine Contamination through NTS in Colombia

With a majority of Colombia’s municipalities reporting landmine or ordnance incidents since 1990, there is an urgent need to perform non-technical survey (NTS) in the country to determine the re- mining threat. Assuming liability for risk, however, slows the process. The authors make a case for proceeding with NTS.

Publication: The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction. Issue 19.2

Publication date: July 2015

About the authors: 

Pablo Esteban Parra Gallego is a civil engineer with advanced studies on project management and economics. He began in mine action in 2006, leading the creation of Colombia’s Mine Action Centre, known as the Presidential Program for Mine Action (PAICMA).


Marc Bonnet became Program Manager at the United Nations Mine Action (UNMAS) office in Colombia in June 2011. He worked in India and South Asia as head of international NGOs including Handicap International and Norwegian People’s Aid. Bonnet currently works with GICHD where he is the head of risk management.