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Mine Action Cannot Wait

This exhibit emphasizes to visitors that the eradication of all landmines cannot wait. Whether it is new or old contamination, clearance must be completed soon. This is a human problem – too many people have lived for generations next to unexploded ordnance, bombs and landmines; and too many people are waking each day next to new contamination.

Safe Ground. Safe Steps. Safe Home.

The exhibit highlights the impressive achievement of the mine action community, starting with the work of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the UN Member State achievements since the Mine Ban Convention came into force in 1999, and the work that remains to be completed. It is centered around the themes of Safe Ground, Safe Steps, and Safe Home. The exhibit also features photographs and murals by an award-winning photographer Giles Duley who tells the stories of those impacted by the long-term effects of conflict.


Perseverance, Partnership, Progress

The UN multi-media exhibition “Perseverance, Partnership, Progress” shows the actions taken by the UN mine action community to find and destroy the deadly detritus of war. It is uncomfortable, and at times, dangerous work, demanding patience, and adherence to strict operational procedures. In 2020, COVID-19 added an additional layer of complexity to our efforts. The exhibit captures the perseverance that pervades all UN mine action operations and draws attention to the need to make progress towards our goal of a world free from the threat of explosive ordnance. The exhibit includes pictures taken by renowned photographers and several short original videos.


Together for Mine Action: Give Life Back

Through striking photography, this exhibit highlights the struggles faced by survivors of explosive ordnance injuries and the importance of providing assistance for their care and rehabilitation. It brings attention to those living with disabilities to ensure that they have equal access to health and education and can fully participate in social and economic life. 


For a Mine Free World

For a Mine Free World shows the scourge of mines on human lives and their crippling effect on economic development but it also highlights the positive result of 20 years of campaigning for a world free of the danger of landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

The exhibition was organized in connection with the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on 4 April 2013 by Handicap International, Medico International, Solidarity Service International, the Federal Foreign Ministry of Germany and UNMAS.


More Than Mines

This photo exhibition shows the scope of UNMAS work. In addition to demining, activities on the ground include destroying surplus or obsolete weapons, identifying and destroying improvised explosive devices, and safeguarding the delivery of humanitarian assistance when fighting is underway.

This exhibition was organized by UNMAS in connection with the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on 4 April in 2015.