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UNMAS in CAR contributes to the explosive ordnance threat mitigation and response efforts and continue to reinforce the capacity of the national authorities in weapons and ammunition management (WAM) in line with the MINUSCA’s strategic objective “to advance a multiyear strategic vision to create the political, security and institutional conditions conducive to national reconciliation and durable peace through implementation of the APPR and the elimination of the threat posed by armed groups through a comprehensive approach and proactive and robust posture without prejudice to the basic principles of peacekeeping;” (Security Council Resolution (SCR) 2605 (2021)).


2021/22 financial year (1 July 2021 to date)


  • To support the response to the increased threat posed by the use of Explosive Ordnance (EO) in the country, 63 awareness sessions took place for the benefit of 854 members, 677 men and 177 women, from different UN Agencies and NGOs to better assess and limit the risks related to EO during their field missions, as well as 407 EO risk education (EORE) sessions to the population in CAR on the Bouar-Boali axis.


  • 52 Explosive Ordnance Threat (EOT) awareness sessions were given to 1,548 peacekeepers, 1,454 men and 94 women of the Force TCCs.


  • 648 of the battalions’ Troop Contributing Countries (TCCs) received EOT management practical training following the first sessions of the Search and Detect (S&D) training cycle in Bossangoa, Berberati and Bouar.


  • 41 Quality Assurance visits of weapons and ammunition storage facilities were conducted in Bangui in coordination with MINUSCA Police and the national authorities.


  • Two training sessions on weapons and ammunition management (WAM) and explosive ordnance device (EOD) were given to 18 FACA and ISF.


  • Two meetings were conducted with the national authorities to support the creation of a national mine action entity.


Since 2014, UNMAS in CAR has carried out the destruction of 247,116 explosive items, including 194 tons of commercial explosives and over 2.4 million items of ammunition. Additionally, 2,730 non-functional or obsolete weapons collected by MINUSCA and 337 collected under the Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration and Resettlement (DDRR) National Programme have been destroyed.




Since its deployment in the country the programme conducted the construction/rehabilitation of 56 armories and deployed 14 temporary storage kits for the Central African armed forces. 8 types of Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM) training were conducted for a total of 418 members of the national defense and security forces to this date. Moreover, UNMAS has organized awareness sessions for the discovery of suspicious packages to 94 civil aviation and airport security personnel and provided risk education sessions on threats posed by Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) to 603,321 beneficiaries.


The illicit flow of weapons and ammunition undermines the stability and the rule of law in CAR, which slows down progress towards the Restoration of State Authority (RESA). The quasi-inexistent weapons and ammunition storage facilities available to the national defense and security forces in some areas of the country, the lack of implementation of best practices in WAM as well as the volatile security situation threaten the lives of civilians and opportunities for development.


Weapons and Ammunition Management

UNMAS strengthens national capacities to enable the CAR authorities to build a professional and permanent national expertise in WAM in the country. The development of a national capacity in WAM contributes to risk mitigation of theft, looting, access and use of weapons and ammunition outside the official duty; or accidents related to explosions of ammunition stored in poor conditions. In addition, the support provided by UNMAS towards the development of operational capacities of the national defense and security forces in the field of weapons and ammunition destruction contributes to the reduction of their illicit circulation and improves security in CAR. UNMAS is also supporting the implementation of the national action plan of the country to fight against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

Explosive Ordnance Threat Mitigation

To support the protection of civilians from the EO threat, UNMAS provides awareness sessions to UN personnel and humanitarian actors on the risks associated with EO, as well as EORE sessions to the population in the country.

Support to the Force to Respond and Mitigate the Explosive Ordnance Threat (EOT)

To support the response and the mitigation of the EO threat, UNMAS supports the enhancement of the MINUSCA Force EOD capacity through the provision of technical expertise, EOT awareness practical training, Search and Detect training and mentoring as well as technical expertise for the realisation of Post-Blast Investigation.




UNMAS as the Mine Action section of MINUSCA is yearly budgeted to support the implementation of the Mission mandate on the protection of civilians, the security sector reform and the restoration and extension of the State authority.


Data as of April 2022