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The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s National Landmines Contamination Survey

The absence of accurate data on the scope and location of landmine contamination negatively affected more than a decade of mine action activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This article discusses the 2013 National Landmines Contamination Survey and its results.

Publication: The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction. Issue 19.2

Publication date: July 2015

About the authors: 

Pascal Simon is a mine action specialist and was the UNMAS-DRC program manager until September 2014. He has previously worked in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Senegal and Tajikistan, supporting efforts to develop and reform mine action programs and related institutions.


Kevin Thoma has been in charge of information management as a Swiss InKind for the SWISSINT Programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from November 2012. Thoma holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and information technology from the Zurich University of Applied Science (Switzerland).