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Global Unification of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Training Modules

Currently, different versions of EOD/IEDD training courses exist throughout global EOD/IEDD entities – UN Missions, separate national and international Centers of Excellence, individual nations with EOD/ IEDD capacity, etc. This causes confusion in understanding and utilization of the training material; for example, between 2018 and 2019, one country has received 8-12 different bilateral EOD/IEDD training engagements that provided distinctly different curricula covering the same topics. It is therefore crucial to ensure that existing guidance and supporting training documents are up-to-date in overall coherence and suitable to the changing peacekeeping environment.

Publication: Counter-IED Report

Publication date: Winter 2019/20

About the author: 

Eunseo Jane Chung holds an M.A. at Cognitive Studies in Education at Teachers College Columbia University. She is a former intern at the UNMAS Threat Mitigation Advisory Team. Ms. Chung was responsible for research and compilation of IED threat (mitigation) information from UNMAS programs for use in the IED threat mitigation database.