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Implementing Culturally-sensitive Risk Education in Somalia

The Somali Compact 2014 – 2016 outlines the objectives of the Somalia federal government to guide the process of stabilization and peace building. The Compact also recognizes the vital contributions by representatives of women, youth, civil society organizations, traditional elders, religious leaders, diaspora and the business community from all segments in each region.

Publication: The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction. Issue 19.2

Publication date: July 2015

About the authors: 

Abigail Jones is a humanitarian mine action professional with significant experience in the development of tools to facilitate behavior change in at-risk groups. Jones coordinates gender baseline assessments, thematic trainings and strategy development for a number of mine action programs and other stakeholders.

Kjell Ivar Breili is a humanitarian mine action manager. He works as the project manager for the UNMAS Somalia Humanitarian Explosive Management Project, where he supports the national authorities in coordinating the humanitarian activities within Somalia. Prior to working in mine action, Breili served in the Norwegian Army.