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The Lethality Index: Re-Conceptualizing IED Clearance Planning and Delivery in Iraq 

Explosive hazard (EH) clearance comes at a cost and, logically, with accountability expected as a quid pro quo both for those conducting and those funding clearance activities. Today’s accountability problem arguably begins with the recognition that EH clearance, particularly in complex environments contaminated with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), differs radically from conventional mine action operations of the past, introducing various new factors that influence costs and cost-effectiveness. This, in turn, begs two questions: “What factors?” and “How are they measured?” 

Publication: The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction. Issue 24.1

Publication date: July 2020

About the author: 

Mark Wilkinson, Ph.D, a UNMAS (Iraq) Explosive Hazard Management Team Lead, has twenty years of professional experience in military and humanitarian mine action. His academic background includes a master’s degree in global security and a Ph.D. in politics and international studies.