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More than Partners: The Relationship Between EDD and their Handler

Often dogs are described as man’s best friend, but they are more than that in the context of peace and security operations. They work side by side with the women and men working and providing security in the most difficult of environments and places. Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD), play an important role in preventive security measures by providing explosive detection capability and deterrence.

In Somalia, Explosive Detection Dogs play a key role in mitigation against the threat of explosives. As part of UNMAS support to the African Union Mission in Somalia, UNMAS provides EDD teams to provide security and protection to key facilities in Somalia. These teams provide detection capability at entry control points, key government facilities, airports and security checkpoints. In May 2019, UNMAS EDD teams searched 48,916 vehicles and 30,049 pieces of luggage in the capitol Mogadishu and the Federal Member States.

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Photos: UNMAS/Omar Abdisalan