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OIOS Audit of the United Nations Mine Action Service

The United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) audit finds UNMAS successful in implementing procedures for planning, monitoring and supervising mine action activities, as well as controls for coordinating United Nations mine action related activities.  

Between August and December 2014, the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services conducted and concluded an independent audit of UNMAS to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of UNMAS governance, risk management and control processes in the effective management of mine action activities.

During these five months exclusively focused on UNMAS operations, a team of professional Auditors combed through HQ and field records.

The results of the OIOS audit demonstrate how “UNMAS successfully collaborates with other United Nations departments and entities to ensure an effective, coordinated and proactive response to problems associated with landmines, explosive remnants of war and other explosive hazards”. OIOS assessment of UNMAS coordinated management concluded that UNMAS "implemented adequate controls in coordinating the United Nations mine-related activities”. In addition, OIOS found that “UNMAS also effectively implemented procedures for planning, monitoring and supervising mine action activities”. 

For UNMAS to “further improve its activities”, OIOS issued six recommendations aimed at UNMAS being awarded a “more stable source of funding for its core posts”. The auditors also recommended that UNMAS “ensure its implementing partners comply with reporting obligations” and “ensure compliance with payments of instalments to implementing partners”. UNMAS is encouraged to dedicate resources to develop a resource mobilization strategy and strengthen its related donor relations activities. In this context, it is also recommended that UNMAS improve the preparation and presentation of its Annual Report.

During this very thorough and comprehensive audit, UNMAS wasted no time to take immediate action on areas within its direct control. Moreover, UNMAS financial processes and contractual relationship with UNOPS also benefitted from the transition of the United Nations to IPSAS and UMOJA as well as from the United Nations Secretariat’s amendments of provisions and terms of its Memorandum of Understanding with UNOPS, under which UNMAS operates. 

In another demonstration of its strong commitment to transparency as well as to efficient management, UNMAS is pleased to post the 2015 OIOS Audit of the United Nations Mine Action Service. For a full copy of the report: OIOS Report 2015/041