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Strengthening Security in Mali with Weapons and Ammunition Management 

When insurgent groups in Mali initiated a rebellion for independence in late 2011, the National Guard and the Malian Defense and Security Forces (MDSF) in Gao were at the forefront of hostilities, which included the pillaging of weapons from government stores. Concurrently, the demise of the Gaddafi regime in Libya triggered an influx of small arms and light weapons (SALW) across the Sahel region and the return of fighters from Libya, making northern Mali their base. That challenge was quickly seized upon by jihadists and opportunists aiming to further destabilize Mali and enlarge their bases and activities throughout the Sahel region.

Publication: The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction. Issue 21.3

Publication date: November 2017

About the author: 

Marlène Dupouy joined UNMAS in 2012 as Weapon and Ammunition Management Junior Specialist in the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations and a degree in Politics, Administration and Economics from the Institute of Political Studies in Bordeaux, France.