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UNMAS Gaza Emergency Response Report

From 7 July to 26 August 2014, significant quantities of explosive ordnance were used during hostilities between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Gazan armed groups. It is reported that approximately 72,000 items of ordnance were fired and launched during this period. The ERW contamination has interrupted the lives of entire communities in Gaza, where simply gaining access to homes, schools, health facilities, etc. is challenging and dangerous. Livelihoods are also directly affected when small industries and farmlands are destroyed and littered with ERW.

Publication: The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction. Issue 20.1

Publication date: April 2016

About the author: 

Mark Frankish is a former British army bomb disposal officer who has worked in ERW and mine action since 1998 for The HALO Trust, UNMAS and within the Gas and Oil Sectors (Shell & Exxon Mobil). He has a MA in post conflict reconstruction and development from the University of York (U.K.).