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UNMAS Side Event at the Sixth Review Conference of the CCW

On 16 December 2021, UNMAS Geneva hosted a side event on “Improvised Explosive Devices Threat Mitigation: Looking Back to Move Forward” at the 6th Review Conference of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. See below the event flyer, agenda, presentations and statements, and a short video extract from the event.

Event Agenda

Event Flyer

Event Presentations and Statements

Improvised Explosive Devices Threat Mitigation: Looking Back to Move Forward​

Political, technical, and financial support provided by States Parties to the UN IED threat mitigation approach and to the UN Mine Action Strategy ​

  • Colombia Statement - Ms. Diana Esperanza Castillo Castro, Coordinator of the IED Group of Experts of the Amended Protocol II to CCW, Colombia
  • France Statement - Colonel Pascal Levant, Coordinator of the IED Group of Experts of the Amended Protocol II to CCW, France

Main achievements, challenges and lessons learnt in countries where the UN is supporting or leading IED threat mitigation ​

Progress made at the strategic level with the adoption of a UN whole-of-system approach to IED​

Relevant international mine action standards developed in the past five years ​

  • IED Standards - Mr. Raymond Kemei, Programme Officer, UNMAS Mobile Training Team ​